Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Crops and Janis Joplin

Happy Sunday

I am glad to be home today.I have been clearing out my 2 flowers beds as the flowers and elephant ears start sagging to the ground. I cut down my 14 foot tall sunflowers.The biggest sunflower I grew this year is 14 inches across then 12 inches and 8 inches. They were so heavy the stems were almost bent completely over.The biggest one has my sunglasses on it for comparision size.

Here I am standing in front of my giant elephant ears which my grandsons loves because they are so big

I am hoping to get in the studio this afternoon and finish a project, one of many sitting around. I love being in the studio with my pretties and rhinestones etc.

Yesterday I went to Arrow Rock Missouri to the Lyceum Theatre to see the production of BeeHive , It was 6 girls singing songs from the 1960's . All that was there was a bunch of old people like me that was a teeager in the 1960's haha. It was lots fun and I sang all the songs and screamed and hollered haha right along with others. The men liked the Janis Joplin personation the best, they was yelling and clapping when the girl sang Cry. Then she sang Piece of My Heart
The singers were all excellent however she was most authentic.

Well better get busy, I miss joining in on the weekly parties. I'm still hanging in at my new job

Saturday, September 2, 2017

White Plates


I am still plugging away at my 40 hour a week job at my ripe ole age. Making money for a new Mercedes or a 2nd house on an island LOL

I called a friend this morning and we got to talking dishes imagine that anyway we was talking about collecting odd white lunch and dinner plates.So I got to looking in cabinets and drawers for what white plates I still have.

My Favorite are these 8 inch lunch plates that remind me of the majolica green cabbage dishes


Then I found 12 of these small pie plates in a resale shop once for 50 cents apiece I just had to bring them home and have never had 12 people over for a piece of pie yet. They look as they never was used


This stack of  Ralph Lauren plates I found at Dillards on a clearance table in the pattern whipstitch



I had to show some lace today also since I was looking for a lace tablecloth in mt stack,I want to make a large oversize top out of. Pictured these are just lace collars I have on a mannequin in the studio . I'm in the mood to sew and since I am also off Monday for the holiday maybe I can get my sewing table at least cleaned off to get started on my project


Thanks for checking in one me

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just Checking In

Hi You'all

I have finished my first two weeks working full 40 hour weeks and I''m pooped LOL

I can't say I have enjoyed any of this new part of my life but things can always be worst?

I'm so glad to be home Saturday and Sunday's to drink lots coffee and eat cookies on my patio.

Just a few pictures around my house of blue items that I love

Just is one of 4 plates I found at a local resale shop once

I  will keep you posted on my progress or no progress LOL My cat sure misses me being gone all day

Sunday, August 6, 2017

It's Time To Tell You

It's time I tell you all I am going back to work 40 hours a week !!!!so won't be blogging much. Not as much as I would like to anyway.

I got laid off from my part time job I have had the last 10 years. Job reduction at the University of Missouri, maybe you have seen this on the news, I think 412 people have lost their jobs here in Columbia Missouri so far.
I was lucky enough to get another position at University Hospital here in Columbia . I do my orientation tomorrow . Going from 24 hours a week to 40 hours a week will definitely cutting into my play time

At my previous job I could be on the the computer all day as long as I answered the phone when a call came in.I was very good at overlapping for you that are familiar with the work phrase

This will be hard working 5 days a week after not doing that since 2002 !!!!

I'll be checking in time to time, keep blogging

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Wreath

Here is my newest summer wreath made by Bernideen at Bernideen Tea Time Cottage . At my yard sale this last Friday Bernideen and her husband stopped by and she noticed my huge now turned summer green my white big some people call them snowballs however they are a type of hydrangeas.

Anyway she said cut me some and I will make your a wreath if you want one, well of course I wanted one

Oh and she made it just overnight,I talked with her Saturday and she said bring me one more extra large bloom and i can finish your wreath. I  went right out and cut one and went over and watched her cut this huge bloom and hot glue it on a natural grapevine wreath.

I just love the color and how she made it

Here is the artist Bernideen in pink  and me in her tea room and art room

She has really been a treasure to meet and keep me inspired to keep working with treasures creating works of art

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Vintage Flatware

On my last trip to Hyde Park New York my friends and I took a tour to the Culinary Institute of America and had a wonderful lunch there.
Out on the grounds was a wonderful fish statue and from a distance was just a fish. However when you got up close to it wow it was made out of old silverware really amazing to me

It is 12 foot long sturgeon made out of 700 knives 400 forks and 600 spoons took the artist 300 hours to complete. Eyes were made out of glass. I couldn't get a complete picture with my iphone. This is one of the fins pictured below
 It was very impressive and fun to see named Old Diamondsides by John F Sendelbach
 Wonder how he accumulated all the vintage flatware? maybe went to lots flea markets?

It was quite the place to visit , I went with my friends from Long Island Terry and Loriene

It is so hot here that I am just coming home from work and staying inside, I have been watering my flowers either after sundown or 6 am. I am planning a nice relaxing weekend inside maybe eating a quart of ice cream LOL

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Studio Stuff

Well we had a good 4th July and then it rained most of the 5th so that was good for my flowers and everyone else flowers.

I am really still trying to declutter by eliminating stuff in my studio and have passed lots on to others however still more to find another home for.

I was remembering when I bought this very old basket at an auction years ago. An elderly lady had died and family was eliminating  her old treasures and I brought this basket home . It's a very close up picture not showing it's actual size of about a peck

Isn't it just awful when you're cleaning out a room you make such a huge mess? or anyway my rooms i'm cleaning are a mess. A friend came over to help me change out a room size rug in my bedroom and I was really worried about all the dust and and dust bunnies that would be seen but just one little bunch of cat fur came blowing across the floor LOL

I'll be off in a couple weeks so I hope to have time to finish up all my rearranging

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pink Boxes

Hi There

I'm like a bug in hot ashes I have lots going on today however wanted to do a post for Pink Saturday

I love decorative flower boxes and especially these that I picked up at yard sales and flea markets

 I have mostly card making papers in these boxes

Hope you all a wonderful weekend i'm going out to set on my patio for a while before my next project for this day. I'm staying home hopefully all weekend

Pink Saturday

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paint Update

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and I didn't get my painting done yesterday, instead I went to visit my 4 grandsons before they left on a trip.

I did get before pictures of a table that matches my vintage lawn furniture( 1978 actually).
There is always another paint day if not ,it doesn't really matter then

I have several sea shells I have collected from coast to coast outside setting around my patio
This one is an abalone shells I added vintage earrings to and I found some matching beads

Then a cute little iron bird bath setting in my lilies
 Guess I'll go fix me a glass of good oh southern sweet tea

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Store Window

I was walking uptown while on my lunch break today and looked into Allen's Florist window 's which always have such great decorating items' I just had to go in and look around . I think this dresser looks so cute the way they have it arranged. Don't you ?

And I loved these bottle covered with chicken wire, I have some great vintage bottle however don't think I could get the chicken wire wrapped around them smoothly.

I'm looking forward to this weekend I am hoping if it's not really windy like it has been I'm painting all my iron patio furniture, with a brush and a gallon of white paint I have had forever, I will shake it up really good since it has been sitting for a while, like 2 years

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Garden Faces

I have a small little flower bed out back of my house and few flowers in my front yard with  several little faces in both areas.
Lots of blog gals are showing the most beautiful flowers already and my seeds are just up about 2-3 inches now.
I have several big elephant ears planted again this year, last year they were huge and I loved them.
This little angel gets moved around, she is all chippy and sweet and have had her several years now

My smallest dancing girls flower pot has a begonia in it this year, which I like to show off I just love these flower pots, I have let them go chippy chic this year instead of painting all white

My large dancing girls planter full of geraniums behind a make do fence in my flower bed

These are blooming out front of my house and about 3 years ago a neighbor gave me 3 little looked like sticks and they have turned into these beautiful large white blooms

My last little angel who fell off my wood fence and broke and I just couldn't throw her away. I live in an older house and my concrete flower bed has cracks and broken bricks and I just try to disguise it all with pretty flowers in the summer

A friend gave me an entire flat of small plants she had started in her basement last winter and I have them all planted in this heat however a nice rain sure did help night before last, can't wait to see them all blooming
Have a nice cool weekend in your nice air conditioned house, I finally got mine fixed

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Blue Glass

As I was home waiting on the air condtion men I was packing dishes for the whatever whenever yard sale I'm having. Some friends are coming over digging through the boxes of goodies before the sale.
I keep finding things I have kept for years and ready to let go. Like lots of glass items.

Like all this blue glass I had setting in my kitchen windows. I'm listing these in my etsy shop
I also removed lots things off my kitchen counters. Can you believe I had 4 wood cutting boards? yardsale.

I already gave away 4 windsor chairs and a catholic prayer kneeler, few little children's books, my neighbor has a new 4 month old granddaughter so I told her to keep the books at her house to read to her little granddaughter.

Well need to get on with things here. So glad I have air condition again it's suppose to be up in 100's heat index next few days maybe longer .

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

She Can Be Yours

I am home today waiting on my air conditioning man which has been an ordeal to get us both available at same time

While i'm home today I am boxing up things I no longer want and decided I don't want this painting any longer.

She is a repo painting and when I found her in St louis once she was happy to come home with me, now she is available to make someone else happy . The frame is 29 x 25 inches on canvas

The pictures itself is 23 1/2 x 19 1/2 approximately

the painting has a white spot /blemish on the dog you can see it below his eyes , looks like whoever painted it either skipped this spot or dropped a tiny bit white paint on the dog?

I am still packing odd dishes in boxes

teapot tea cannister odd blue plates white wood cannister box etc sugar jar

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Norman 102

Tuesday  June 6th will be an old friend's 102nd birthday and I just ordered his special chocolate ganache cake that he loves, I tried to talk him into a white cake white icing, no way.

I go out to his assisted living apartment every Monday and spend most of the day with him. We go out to lunch and do some shopping for him if he needs something. This picture was taken last Monday at a local bar b que restaurant.

Can you imagine living to 102 years old? I'm sure if he knew what all was going on in the world he would be shocked. He just quit reading the local newspaper last year . He still likes watching Cardinal baseball, I call him during the week to tell him when a baseball game is on

Now I am looking for a wine bottle tree to put in my backyard around my one and only flower bed. I use to see these at local nurseries however not now that I want one. I have had lots blue wine bottles given to me and I have emptied a few also LOL This is one window full . Some of the bottles are water bottles.

The clutter on this table will hopefully soon be cleaned off. Still waiting on my air condition man to put in a new compressor for my central air. It's to get hot this weekend and I need my air conditioner.

yard sale still in the works

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Once Again

Once again I am going to straighten up the studio and put things in drawers and into my next yard sale. I think I'm ready to pass some things on to others.
Last sale I rid myself of lots of dishes and then just gave boxes of dishes to a church donation center that didn't sale,

I love all my do dads however I'm going for a more straighten up room look. I have treasures and stuff just sitting everywhere as you will see in pictures.
These are little frames I added my rhinestones to. The little china lamp shade is sitting on a sterling shaker

Then this shelf is full of loose beads and old earrings in the larger jars,see the old ladies watches I have collected to make a bracelet and never have gotten one made. The picture of the old gentleman,well I had to decorate him up with rhinestones also and added an old cigar label to bottom of his picture,I liked the colors of the cigar band

Then I have jars and jars of buttons, the colored ones I didn't get a picture of, I'm ready to pass them on also, just getting them sorted and bagged is a big job. I have 2 ladies wanting to have a yard sale soon as possible

The little figures below will be in the yard sale along with table and chairs and lamps which I have way too many of

I keep special magazines and I have 3-4 little book shelves full and I have downsized these before .I don't even have pictures of all the boxes and drawers of paper for card making I am sorting through.
I have found out in previous yard sales of mine, people don't want my stuff they want new items for their homes,that is why I donated so much.
Another lady is bringing more vintage items she has had in her attic for years.

All this stuff will be cleaned out except for my candelabras  I still love them. I even have 2 books of ideas I have kept for years , ideas I never got made LOL

Does anyone need nylon lace? I have drawers and drawers of it also rick rack boxes of this also, seems like other ladies are cleaning out sewing stuff also, etsy is full of it

Oh well just thinking out loud. I am looking forward to this weekend I am going to cook some pork steaks and hamburgers on my grill and hopefully have the enthusiasm to get things cleaned  up in the studio

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New York City

Hi everyone

I still don't have a new printer or computer hooked up however I'm back from a fabulous trip to New York City and surrounding areas.
I love going to New York  I think I could get around all by myself now that I have been there 3 times.

This first picture is outside the 911 Memorial area with two handsome men who you can tell who they are.

It was a very nice day when my girlfriends and I visited the 911 area, it was really cold to me while I was there the last two weeks. The names cut into the metal wall around the waterfall was very well done

This was same day we went to Little Italy for lunch and I love the bakery in that area named Ferrara's I love the pastry named lobster claw a very large light pastry shaped liked a lobster filled with sweet cream custard

One day trip into the city from Long Island on the train , Terry and Judy and I went to crown center also to the 65th floor of the GE building for Sunday brunch at the very famous luxurious restaurant named the Rainbow Room, live music while we dined on the fabulous brunch. Very expensive place for us working people. Our bill for 3 of us including tip was $516.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could have bought my new recliner I need with that much money LOL or a new area rug I want to redo my living room LOL

This was like I said on 65th top floor of building and I looked out over Manhattan , I couldn't look down because it scared me to death LOL

If you look you can see Statue of Liberty, on my first trip to New York we went out to see her and Ellis Island

Then we toured  Theodore Roosevelt's home on Long Island and it was such a nice house
I froze that day because I only wore a pink cardigan and I needed a jacket . This picture is at his grave. At the Visitor's center there was such a wonderful gift shop with copies of all the books he had written. I must get some and read them now.

Then another day we went to Chelsea area and walked the  above ground High Line where they  took an old rail track and planted gardens , very nice and I liked shopping in Chelsea Market area. I bought some wonderful teas.

I know this is lot of pictures and of course I have more because we went up state New York to Hyde Park Culinary Institute of America and had lunch . It was very windy and cool this day. This was with another friend Lorraine , Terry and me

I toured this place also in Pennsylvania !!!!!! QVC . we got to see live studio and shows going on live it was a huge building ,then of course we got to SHOP

I think this is enough for now , if you're not a New York City lover like me this will be to much to read ?
I also went to a high tea party and went into St Patrick's cathedral again on this trip

I really enjoyed this trip and my wonderful hostess Terry my friend who always plans such eventful trips for us .

Now I have got to figure out how to hook up this new printer and wait on Geek squad for my computer hook up

ps. I missed you all

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